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Learn more about the rich history of the Philippines and its people as written in the country’s historical markers.

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Vigan photo © User:Ericmontalban, CC BY-SA 3.0

Panandâ (ᜉᜈᜈ᜔ᜇ) is a mobile app that lets you explore the historical markers and commemorative plaques installed by the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) and its predecessor agencies. Panandâ uses data from Wikidata and photos from Wikimedia Commons, which are sister projects of Wikipedia.


Explore the historical markers on an interactive map or as a list. And filter them by region, by distance, or whether you have visited or bookmarked them.


Each historical marker has a details page showing a photo of the marker and its inscription, links to related Wikipedia articles, plus the marker’s location and a photo of its vicinity to help you find the historical marker.

Bookmark and Visit

Plan historical field trips by bookmarking markers. Each historical marker has a pair of visited  and bookmark  buttons on its details page, as well as on the map and list views, to help you keep track!