App Privacy Policy

We care about your privacy and will only use data on an as-needed basis. Please refer to the following sections for details on what data about you or your mobile device may be obtained, how it is used, and when and where it is stored or discarded when you use the Panandâ mobile app.

Visited and bookmarked status

The record of which historical markers are marked as visited or bookmarked is only stored within the app and is never provided to any other device or server. This also means that if the app is uninstalled, this data will be lost. Currently, this data also cannot be transferred or copied if you install the app on another device.

GPS location data

The GPS location data, when you enable the GPS function, is used for the distance filter so that you can view markers that are located near you. This location data is only used within the app and is never stored nor provided to any other device or server and is discarded when the app is closed.

Internet access

The app accesses external resources from the Internet. Specifically, these are the map tiles from CARTO that are used as the base map for the map view, and photos of historical markers and their locations from Wikimedia Commons. Like almost all web service providers, CARTO and the Wikimedia Foundation may record these accesses in the form of IP addresses, timestamps, and device data. Please refer to the CARTO privacy notice and the Wikimedia Foundation privacy policy for detailed information.

SD card access

The app accesses the SD card in order to cache photos of historical markers and their locations. This helps to minimize network data usage. The app currently caps the cache to a maximum of 10 megabytes.